Large-Scale Artwalls for Public Spaces, Interior Abstracts 
     Free-form Mosaic Artist, Instrument Surface Luthier

Lakeside Studio, Warsaw-Chapman Lake, Indiana


Technique: Wheel-Spun Free-form Acrylic Mosaic
Tools/Materials: potter's wheel, fork, x-acto, acrylic & aura           paints on vinyl and hardboard, imprinted detailing


welcome to my MOSAICWORLD


"There is no greater sense of sync
than when autonomous pieces
tempt juxtaposition in
visual harmony.

This is the beauty
and mystery
of mosaic."


Large-Scale Mosaic for Public Spaces
Artist, Educator, Surface Luthier, Colorist
Lakeside Studio-Chapman Lake, Indiana


"Each canvas or guitar I surface is created with a new spin on
artisan traditions. Ethnic echoes of stained glass, batik, molas of the San Blas Islands and aboriginal stippling each have a voice in my work. My paint brush listens for the shuttle turning the warp and weft of my mother and great-grandfather's weaving looms. I hear the quiet whirr of a potter's wheel in the bristles.


This original technique is a soft salute to the many unsung artisan heroes who have invested lifetimes refining and finessing their skill. Their fingerprints can be counted in every mosaic tesserae.


One technique adapted to multiple surfaces, each page represents photos of common theme variations. I do not work alone. A collaborative community element rich in Story breathes life into every work of art. Take a look. Be inspired. Connect.

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